Does anyone have any tips or additional instructions? We're replacing the bladder in our Flotec FP7110T-04 42 gal. water pressure tank. We have the new bladder, expensive !@#$%^&*! That it is. No instructions came with it. The old one ruptured. Water came out the air valve. The plan is to: shut down the power, close the main valve (house side of the tank assembly), drain it down, water & air, remove the nuts on the flange with a socket wrench, support the flange, lift the tank straight up off it, somehow remove the old bladder through that little hole, dry the tank interior somehow, stuff the new bladder in the little hole without damaging it, again somehow, carefully lower it all back on the flange, sandwiching the bladder's lip/seal between the flange & the tank, screw the nuts finger tight & then torque them to the spec's in the limited instructions in the tank manual PDF, charge the tank up to 38 lb. (switch is set 40 to 60), power up, let it build to shut off (60 lb.), inspect for leaks, slowly open the main valve, let it build to shut off (60 lb.) again, inspect for leaks again, & then go have a beer or something. Have I missed anything? Again, any tips or additional instructions to make this go more smoothly or safely would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
~ W ~