Just installed a bathroom and laundry room in the basement, that was already to an in-ground tank. I have a Rigid waste pump in the waste tank. The outlet pipe goes up about 6 feet then bends to a 45 where I have a check valve and shutoff valve. Pipe goes up at a 45 another two feet and then goes into the main pipe going to the septic system.

I'm thinking I have the check valve too far away from the pump. When the pump runs, it only runs for about 3 seconds. When it shuts off, the water drains back into the tank from the check valve, so very little waste actually makes it to the main line where gravity takes over to take the waste to the septic tank.

Should I move the check valve so it's closer to the pump? I'm thinking I should come out of the tank about a foot to a 90 and install the check valve there. Or, am I worried about nothing?