Hi, I've read a bunch of question and replies but none seem to answer my question, so here goes:

I have the banging in the pipes problem, and I was assured by friends/family that this is fine, it's just old pipes. (I rent a flat in an apartment building so it's not like I can fix it.)
What I want to know is, just last night there started this rhythmic banging/tapping noise in the floor below my bedroom. It's only in that part of the apartment that I can hear it. It starts, goes for about a minute, stops and then starts again a minute later. I've lived here 2+ months and have not heard it before. I read a few answers on this website saying it could be vibrating pipes, but what I want to know, is it dangerous? It sounds like they're going to burst! But of course, the banging scared me at first too. Is this just another sound to learn to ignore? Or should I be mentioning this to someone?
Thanks so much in advance,