I will be installing a full bathroom in the basement, and cutting up concrete to install plumbing.

Currently, I have a soil stack directly in the way of where the door to the bathroom will be going. This soil stack goes up to first floor (ranch home) and drains the 1/2 bathroom. The stack continues up through the roof as the vent.

What I plan to do, is cut this entire soil stack out completely. I wish there were a way to hide the stack and just tap into it, but there isn't due to the layout.

The question is coming. It seems that where I cut the stack out, I will need to cut out the connector in the main line and just rejoin the two pieces of horizontal main cast iron line. What can I use to rejoin those to make it one flowing piece of cast iron?

I also need to tap into the line a bit further down, maybe 3-4 feet, to run the drain line to the sink. Is there any worries with cutting two places into the pipe so close?

And, can someone diagram it or walk me through if I install a PVC WYE connector into a cast iron pipe, how should I go about this? I was thinking:

1. Cut about 12" of cast iron pipe section out.
2. Glue two short pieces of 4" PVC to a 4 x 4 x 2 (drain) WYE so that I end up with 12" from pipe end to pipe end, then use fernco couplings on each side to clamp the PVC on each side to the cast iron. Is this appropriate, and is there any other rubber booting needed here?

Do they make WYEs that are no hub so that you can cut a shorter section out and just apply clamps there or is that against code?

Thanks. I'm a newbie with plumbing and it has me nervous.