I'm at the end of a bathroom repair/remodel (we had water damaged and gutted the bathroom) and the plumbing was done while the walls were out. I had told the contractor to switch the toilet and the sink, so that you have the sink when you walk into this 5x10 foot space on the right. Now that everything is in I noticed that when he installed the pedestal and sink, the pipe coming up from the floor is too far left making it off center by 4.5". The space available is 32" before it hits a window (which is above the toilet). He told me to go buy a cabinet (which pissed me off to no end) but they don't even MAKE cabinets to accommodate piping that comes up from the floor. He said it was put there because he didin't realize I wanted a pedestal sink (I didn't know what I wanted when he started), but even so it should always have been centered and coming out of the wall, no? Is this to code? I really don't know. He said it was placed where it was because the center of the floor had a beam that could not be cut into. I don't want to cut into a beam, but why not put it in the wall? Is it an extra expense? Just being lazy? Please advise. Deb