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    Oct 4, 2005, 06:56 PM
    Cold water pressure in shower and washer only
    As the subject says, I have a huge loss of cold water pressure in my upstairs shower and my downstairs washing machine only. The upstairs and downstairs sinks are all fine (including the sink directly next to the shower in the upstairs bathroom). Taking the shower head off doesn't make a difference, the pressure is still low. Where should I start to fix the problem? If you guys need any other info, please let me know.

    Thanks for any help... josh
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    Oct 5, 2005, 08:36 AM
    Hi Josh,

    For the washer, remove the cold water hose from the cold water hosebib and clean the screen.
    For the shower, take the valve apart and clean out the crud from the cold water inlet ports of the cartridge. Afterwards turn on the cold water while the valves still open and flush out the cold warer supply. Good luck, Tom
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    jkarp Posts: 4, Reputation: 1
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    Oct 5, 2005, 12:03 PM
    That was it on both counts!!
    Thank you so much for this help. It sure beats paying a plumber! Our shower is now better than it's ever been.

    Thanks again... josh

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