What a watery mystery I have in my laundry room. Whenever my washing machine empties the tub of water it backs up into the nearby floor drain. I had a plumber out and he snaked the drain (not through the roof vent, but throughout the cleanout by the floor drain). Because he only had a 50' snake (and the distance to the septic is probably 75+) he also went to the septic and snaked from there to the house. Water ran into the septic at a good rate after that. However, the next day my washing machine backed up again but this time the shower (which is located at the other end of the house) backed up into the floor drain as well. That was 2 days ago and the shower hasn't backed up again. Prior to this the problem was completely isolated to the washing machine and the floor drain and it appears to be that was again. One day the washing machine empties full force to the septic and the next day it trickles and backs up all over the floor. I'm losing sleep and money over this. Any help, tips, tricks or suggestions will be so very welcomed. Thanks.