I had an exposed water supply line that ran from the city inlet to my house. It was old and rusty so we decided to replace it with a PEX pvc piping. It's the same dia. (3/4") and we replace the one 90 elbow with a 45 instead. When we turned the water back on, it had no pressure, and after my husband blew down the faucet in the kitchen and turned it off and on again, some of the fixtures have good water pressure and some don't. The outside spicket works fine, the hot water heater works great, and the washer gets good pressure supplied as well. The sink in the bathroom and toilette have a little pressure (drizzles to slow stream) but the tub has none at all. Also the kitchen sink on the other side of the house has no pressure but a few drips... pretty sure it's a clog from sediment, mineralls, or debri from replacing the section. What can I do to flush the lines out or find the clog? I already cleaned the aerators out. I need to know how to locate and remove the clog, or flush the system... Is there a coffee can trick?