My pump motor seems fine but continues to run and no water comes out. I've tried to prime it and after pouring in the water, I can hold my hand over the hole and the suction is good but yet it will not allow the water to run in. Usually if you prime a pump, you can tell by the sound that it is going to work. There seems to be no leaks in the pipes nor a problem with the foot valve. Could it be there is so much air in the lines that it is going to take many, many attempts at priming to get the air all out? The tank varily had any air pressure so I added 40lbs but it still didn't make a difference. How much does it require, do I need more?
The reason the pump lost prime was because I had a pipe freeze so I shut the power switch off to the pump as well as the water valve. Once I knew the pipe had thawed, I turned on the water valve again and the pump also. At one of the joints, the pipe popped off and the water shot out. By the time I got everything shut back off, I'd lost prime. The pipe is fixed, so now the pump is my problem. Any suggestions? Thanks