Hi, For some reason I can't get the gauge for my water tank to go over 25 psi. The problem started about a month ago. We have three bathrooms (2 upstairs one downstairs.) The water pressure use to be great, two people could shower in the two upstairs bathrooms at the same time and still have great pressure. Now the pressure stinks. The pressure switch is a 30/50 so I replaced it thinking that might help the problem, but it didn't. The gauge only went up to 25 psi. I tried fiddling with the cut on/cut off adjustments but can't get it to go over 25 psi. So then I bought a new bladder tank thinking it was worn, because the house is ten years old. I installed a flotec 35gallon from home cheapo. The tank came with 40psi factory pressure, but the instuctions said I had to lower the air pressure to 28psi because of my 30/50 pressure switch. I installed it with no problems and still the darn thing when turned on only goes to 25psi, and my water pressure still is terrible. Please help I'm at my wits end, and I just know If I call a plumber he is going to charge a ton, and times are tough.