Here is my situation.

About a month and a half ago, I noticed leaking from some baseboards in a room that was in front of the house. This room is in front of all of the pipes for the house. Then in about a week all of the bathrooms started to back up, so I called a plumber and he snaked the pipes from the back end and everything cleared up, including the leaking from the baseboards. This lasted about a week, when everything started to back up again. Strangely the leak from the baseboards didnít come back. So I called a septic company and they came out and cleaned out the very full septic tank. Everything worked perfectly for about a month. Just last night I noticed the leaking from the same baseboards. I also noticed that the bathtub (that is just in back of the room with the leaking baseboards) was running slowly and when I filled up the tub and let it drain, the leak in the baseboards increased. Do I have some busted main/branch pipes? Can someone please help?