I live in a 1972 Three bedroom 2000 sq foot tri level house on septic. I have 4 kids with two bathrooms. I need help. The downstairs toilet will not flush like it should (its very slow) and when I flush the upstairs the downstairs burps. So far I have tried a plunger, a toilet auger and I have removed the toilet and snaked the pipe with a small (20 foot ?) hand held. I even replaced the toilet with a new one. This was done in the downstairs bath. My wife said she accidentally flushed a tampon in the down stairs bath. So I am guessing my line is cloged. But the odd thing is the water will go down in the toilet. Is there something else I should check? Could my septic need pumping? Its been over 5 years. It also has a pump that I was going to replace today due to age and not sure if its working. I am not a rich man and with four kids I need help soon.