:( We just bought a house and everything seemed to be fine, newer water heater and passed the plumbing inspections. HOWEVER, not even living here a month, we have "bubble issues" For instance when the washer ((clothes, we don't have a dishwasher)) drains we here gurgeling in the kitchen sink. And when you use the left side of the sink, the drain without the disposal takes forever to drain if used a lot. Or if the Shower is in use the toilet will start to bubble then the shower will start retaining water which will take forever to drain. And when the Washer drains and you are in the shower it will push what looked like "copenhagen" up out of the drain. The toilet cannot be used for a little while when you get out of the shower because the bowl will fill all the way up ((overflowed once)) and take forever to drain down, usually takes 2-3 flushes over a 10-15 min period.

Question is: Does anyone know what is going on? How to fix it? Can we do it? Any adivce is much greatly appreciated, and of course, are working on a tight budget after just buying a house.