I just found this site and am looking forward to exploring it later, but right now I have this problem with the toilet. A large wad of paper was flushed down it and backed it up. I used the plunger and cleared the clog but now when I flush it, bubbles come up in the bowl part and it seems to fill slower than before. It isn't clogged (at least I don't think it is, because it will flush paper OK, just slowly) but the water in the bowl has bubbles come up from inside. Please don't laugh :rolleyes: (plumbing really isn't my bailiwick) but I went and flushed the other toilet a couple of times hoping that would have some effect on it but it didn't seem to. I am afraid to let anyone use the toilet for fear that there actually is a clog and that is what the bubbles mean (in spite of the fact that it does flush) so I know that my family will greatly appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you in advance,