Hey guys.

While me and my wife were laying in bed we heard a kind of hissing noise. I looked and listened at the tub, and it was coming from underneat the tub. I shut the water off to my home (I live in a trailor) and ran the water out of the bathroom faucet, and the noise went away. So I opened up the access panel that shows underneath the tub. Right where the drain pipe from the tub makes it's first connection toward the sewer/drain line, water was leaking, probably one drop every 5-10 seconds.

Is there some kind of glue/sealant I can apply over the leak, that will plug it?
Should I get a professional plumber to look at it (expensive)?
Will the insulation below that the water was leaking on be OK? Or will it form mould? (I live in a trailor remember, the bottom of it is insulated)