Both our bathtubs are clogged and both toilets won't flush. We've tried Zepp in both tubs and one seemed to drain fine while the other one didn't. We then tried the snake and couldn't get it to go in the bathtub with the drain problem more than two feet or so. We were able to remove some hair from one tub (the other tub that drained ok) and more hair in the sink in the bathroom with the problem. We then tried plunging and we thought it was successful because the tub started draing perfect. Then we noticed the clog moved to the other bathtub. We continued plunging and now the toilet or toilets have backed up into the bathtub (very gross)! So were back to both bathtubs being clogged and the toilets not flushing as long as there is standing water in the tubs. Can someone please recommend something. I think I may have to call a plumber but I'm worried about the cost. Is this something we can fix ourselves or do we need to make that call?