Help! I've discovered black particles in my water when I fill up a sink or bathtub. I contacted the water company and they believe the stuff is coming from within my house plumbing or water heater. The particles smear in the bottom of a tub or sink when touched. When they come out of the faucet a poof of black appears in the water as in flows out. The water has a grayish appearance as it apparently disintegrates as they come out.

I flushed the hot water heater and tons of particles and sediment came out. (We had never flushed in 10 or so years.) I still get new black pieces after flushing the hot water heater clear.

I think, pretty sure, it happens in just cold as well as hot water. However we have the kind of single dial faucet. So I can't be sure that hot water is not in the mix even just a little.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! ;)