Because of its age, I am going to replace my 31 year old State water heater in my home and I'm in a quandary as to which is the best brand to buy. I have read hundreds of reviews and I find that all of the brands have many negative remarks leaving me at a loss to which is best.
I think the fact that my State water heater is 31 years old is good testimony to the quality of State, however State only sells to dealerships who insist on installing these units themselves. I am more than qualified with mechanical and plumbing experience to do the install myself and I refuse to pay someone twice the cost of the unit to install it.
So I thought I would contact the guys that actually work on water heaters to get your opinions on what you see breaking down most frequently and prematurely.
I'm leaning toward Rheem Performance Platinum or their Performance Plus units.
I'm looking forward to your experience and wisdom considering this.