Here's the situation. I recently purchased a home and had not even been there for 2 weeks before I had a flood (via the utility sink) in the finished basement. Apparently the previous owners cemented over the basement drain. I have coverage through our local water company, they sent a roto rooter person to clear the drain. About a week later, it backed up again but did not flood. The same guy came and cleared the pipe again but stated that there was mud in the pipe. I then went ahead at my expense and had the pipe televised and this is their report.

"Televised line from vent to street, found heavy tree roots in line. There is about a 10' belly in pipe and at 36' the line is just about closed off with heavy tree roots. Line is partially blocked"

I have then contacted the water company who said they do not cover bellies but will jet the line. My question is, is this a temporary solution? I would like a permanent solution to this problem as I do not want to redo the basement to have it flood again. I am at my wits end with the water company. I am ready to call in Action News or the BBB.

Please help me... Thanks.