I recently purchased a 50 year old home (Oct 2009) and moved into the home in March. The house is one floor (crawlspace), has a utility sink that the washer drains into, and has only one bathroom - which all drain into the town sewer. The problems are starting to escalate, and I need some advice quickly. The symptoms I currently have are:

-Toilet Bubbles when Washer Empties (always happens)
-Bathroom Sink Slow to Drain (A full sink will empty 1/3 at normal speed, stop and bubble a bit and then very slowly drain)
-Bathroom Tub Slow to Drain (10 min shower will be OK for 1st half, then will backup and drain very slowly)

There is a PVC pipe located just outside the area where the pipes exit the house that I believe is the 'Main Cleanout'. I can give you additional information if you need it, but judging from previous posts I included most of what I thought was relevant... Please HELP!