I saw a question on this site about an exterior basement stairwell drain that appeared to be connected to a storm sewer instead of the household waste drain. My house, built in 1930 also has an exterior basement stairwell drain that appears to go nowhere. The basement has minor flooding during heavy rains and I thought it would be money well spent to have all the basement drains rooted out. They plumber started with the stairwell drain and found no trap. Instead, he found mud about 4 feet down. He drove a probe straight down about 8 feet and found nothing. He suspects that the drain was either tied to the foundation drain (clay pipe, no doubt) or to a dry well that has now filled with silt. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Also, since the drain goes nowhere and is encased in concrete at the base of the stairs, how much of a nightmare would it be to make it goes somewhere? Problem is that it's about 3 feet below grade.