House is a one storey with finished basement (older) it has a floor drain in front of the washer/dryer , and it has been backing up. Two months ago we had some issues with the drain in which the water level was almost to the top of the drain(floor level)and during washing clothes soap bubbles would emerge through the floor drain . The water level seemed to lower over time(24hour) so I didn't think much of it. It wasn't until we had a slight sewer smell coming from the drain that we called in the plumber. I forgot to mention we are on a sewer field and holding tank system . The plumber came and snaked out the sewer pipe leading to the tank outside and it was clear, he then a small plunger to plunge the floor drain and that very quickly seemed to resolve the backup problem as the water level in the floordrain went down . There was defintley a sewage content in the floor drain , and a fair amount of sludge caking the pipe walls. The plumber then ran the washer and everything was flowing good. Now to months later we are running into the same problem the level in the drain is back up the water is merky but it seems not to be sewage .

Plumber said: The pipes conecting the floor drain are older may need to be dug up. Could this be possible ? Could it be the Sewage pump ?

Iam lost because he made it look so easy when he used a plunger ,was it just a quick fix and I should try it myself??

Any suggestion would be much appeciated THANKS!!