I am finishing my basement, including a full bath that was roughed in by the builder, and I have a few questions about the bathtub install (a basic 30"x60" porcelain over steel tub).

1. When I attach the drain underneath it raises the tub up slightly. Do I need to shim the tub up, or is clearance below floor level expected? If so I'll need to bust out some concrete.

2. I understand that you connect the overflow, drain, and roughed in 1.5" pipe with a T, however the drain is about 2" off from where it needs to be, probably due to the concrete guys knocking it out of place. Does the vertical pipe coming down from the overflow need to line up directly over the roughed in pipe, or is it acceptable to use an elbow?

My guess is that the answer is to break up the concrete to allow clearance and move the pipe into place, but I want to ask to be sure.