Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me. I own an older country home. I have been gradually upgrading the water system for 2 years, but this problem persists unaffected. After starting normally at 40psi (pressure switch is 40-60, and brand new), the shut off is always rough with several fast stops and starts until finally quitting. The shallow well jet pump stops at the proper pressure, (60psi) as it should. The pressure tank is 1 year old, rubber bladder and filled to 38psi. I replaced the foot valve at the bottom of the well two years ago and the suction pipe is all new up to the pump, no leaks there or loss of prime. The pump is older, but pumps up quickly and could go well past 60psi, so I think it's not the problem. I moved the small pressure line that controls the pressure switch off the pump housing and relocated it several feet away at the pressure tank, this may have helped a small amount? Water pressure in house is good. Pump does just what it should except for the rough shutdown. This is my problem and I am stumped. I want the higher pressure (40-60) because of distances and age of water lines in the old house. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Rod K.