I have a 1/2 bath on first floor. Sink and toilet.
I want to add a shower next to the toilet.
Our washer in the laundry room is the start of the drains.
It drains to the slab at the back wall of the house.
Across the laundry area is the 1/2 bath, about six feet away.
The toilet in the 1/2 bath is exactly lined up with the washer drain.
It is 9 feet from the washer drain.
The drain then goes toward the main exit at the front of the house.
The back wall of the 1/2 bath is also the wall of the garage.
I want to add the shower between the toilet and the side wall, 36 inches.
The 1/2 bath is on a slab and has tile on the floor.
As the homeowner I feel confident about wall and sheet rock construction.
However, I have never connected anything to the sewer.
Question: How do I connect the shower to the sewer?
I want to be careful about where I break into the slab
And the actual connections that must be made
And any precautions I should know about.