We are considering making an offer to a condo that we really like but the condo has only 1 full bathroom and no half baths. If we can add a half bath to this 3rd story condo it would make it perfect. So, the situation is that on one side of the condo is a full bathroom next to the master bedroom. All the way across the condo, pass the living and dining rooms, is the kitchen and a washer/dryer unit. We are wondering how possible is the plumbing for us to add a half bath by where the kitchen and washer/dryer is. The condo is on the 3rd floor of a century old charming building. It's definitely not possible to put in entirely new plumbing all the way from the first floor or anything like that. But is there a way we can utilize the plumbing of the kitchen and the washer/dryer?
Thank you!