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    Jul 1, 2005, 02:13 PM
    Access to shut off valves
    Does anyone know if there is a code in sarasota fl that says you must have access to shut off valves in your tubs and if so what is that code and where can I get a copy. Thank you[ Manny
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    Jul 1, 2005, 02:53 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Mannie79
    Does anyone know if there is a code in sarasota fl that says you must have access to shut off valves in your tubs and if so what is that code and where can I get a copy. thank you[ Manny
    Hey Manny,

    I was one of Arrow Plumbings foreman in Sarasota for years. Still live on Tamiami Trail North.
    Some older homes were not built with shutoffs but for the last 30 or 35 years we have installed angle stops and shut offs on ALL the fixtures we install.
    You asked about tub shutoffs. As a rule we installed them in a access hole located behind the front of the tub. However some tub and shower valves come equipped with integral,(screwdriver) stops. To get to these you must remove the handle and the cover plate. The stops will be found on each side where the supplies connect to the valve. They won't have a knob but a slot so they can be turned off and on with a screwdriver.
    We work under The Standard Plumbing Code which states in Chapter 12, section 1211.3, " Each individual fixture shall have a shut-off valve which will permit each fixture to be shut off without interfering with the water supply to any other fixtures." Good luck, Tom

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