We have had our maytag washer and dryer hooked up for many years in our basement without any problems. I have always wanted to have a second washer hooked up to make washing that much faster. We recently got a kenmore washer from friends who upgraded. Both washers are about 5 years old.
Here is my question: for the water hookup I believe I should be able to Split the existing faucets and connect to both machines. My problem is with the drain. I have a 2" stand pipe that is approximately 36" tall. (the whole set up is in a little box) How do I add a second drain? And is adding a drain the most economical solution? (the washer was free so I hate to spend a ton in plumbing it and make it a big expense.)
I wanted to use the one drain and run both discharge hoses to it somehow? Seems no one can tell me how to connect the two drain hoses to my standpipe since it is a box. If I can do that my plan was to run the machines one right after another and never at the same time because I am sure I would have a flood because it is only a 2" standpipe.
Other wise my thought was to have my 2nd washer drain into a wash tub and then slowly drain it into my main floor drain and avoid messing with my original drain set up that has been working just fine. I have the wash tub in my basement already but it is not connected to anything. No water or drain. But I could use it as a holding place for my wash water. I am thinking this way just sounds like more bother than benefit.
Any advice would be much appreciated!