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    Feb 8, 2003, 03:24 AM
    Respond ASAP! Motion.
    A motorbike is moving at 21.3 m/s when the rider applies the brakes, causing the motorbike to slow down at a constant rate. During the 3.00-s interval immediately after braking begins, the speed decreases to half its starting value. What distance does the motorbike travel from the instant braking begins until it comes to rest?
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    Feb 20, 2003, 02:37 PM
    Respond ASAP! Motion.
    First determine the rate of deceleration.

    If the speed decreases by 1/2 from 21.3 mertes/second in 3 seconds, the rate of deceleration is 3.55 mertes/second. This can be verified by multiplying acceleration by 6 seconds, and this does indeed yield 21.3.

    D = t^2 * a / 2, where d is distance, t is time, and a is acceleration.

    To get the distance traveled while decelerating, you subtract the distance it takes to accelerate to 10.65 meters/second (d1) from the distance it takes to accelerate to 21.3 meters/second (d2)

    D1 = 9 * 3.55/2 = 15.975 meters
    D2 = 36 * 3.55/2 = 63.9 meters

    The answer is d2 - d1 = 47.925 meters ;D

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