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    May 27, 2003, 04:20 PM
    Phyics Experiment
    Hi I am a High school student and working on a Rocket shoot experiment. The objective of this experiment is to hit someone with a a rocket using specifications that each student has. The main part of this experiment is to calculate the horizontal distance from the rocket to where the person has to stand.The rocket is made of plastic so it is very light weight. In this experiment I have to shoot off a rocket that lays on a wooden wedge and 30 degrees.The wooden wedge will be set at 30 degrees so that means the rocket will shoot off at 60 degrees if the rocket is perpendicular to the wedge. The rocket will be shot off by a compressor. Each student is assigned a power at which the compressor shoots off the rocket. My power is super, so the compressor will be shooting off the rocket at full blast. We will be shooting these rockets outside so air resistance will come into play a little. On an average day it is usually 68 degrees ferhenhiet with a 10-15 mile per hour wind. So we are expecting those conditions on the day we shoot off the rockets. First we tested the time for the rocket to shoot up and then land on the ground at specific powers. So when the compressor shot off the rocket at super power the time for the rocket to shoot up in the air and then land back down on the ground was about 6.225 seconds (average of about 5 trials). Now with that information I need to figure out how to calculate the horizontal distance. How can I calculate the horizontal distance with the information given?

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