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    Oct 11, 2009, 07:40 AM
    Calculate the speed of a car and tractive force at the wheels
    If a vehicle has wheels and tyres with a rolling radius of 0.315m and the engine is producing a torque of 150nm at 4000 rev/min in fourth gear.

    (matching 4th gears have 30 (driver) and 29 (driven) teeth. Final drive gears have 20 (driver) and 88 (driven) teeth.

    am i correct in thinking final gear ratio is 29/30 x 88/20 = 4.2:1 (1st dp) ???

    i need to...

    i. Calculate the speed of the vehicle(km/h)
    ii. Calculate the tractive effort produced at the road wheels.

    I would be grateful for simple formula a dummie can understand... thanx

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