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    Mar 8, 2008, 01:35 PM
    SI joint pain and associated muscle tightness
    Let me start by saying how thankful I am for this site.
    I will start with my hip scope surgery for a hip labral tear. My surgery was done in January of 2005. My symptoms started up two and a half months before diagnosis and subsequent surgery. While doing the rehab for the hip I began experiencing issues on the non-operative side. It It started with the knees hurting while performing squats. It finally led up to inner groin pain that I noticed when getting into my car. After repetitive visits to my orth doctor he did an x-ray and I was informed that I had a hip strain. He sent me back to pt and it kind of died down but was still an issue. I decided then to stop training my lower body in the gym and decided to pick up on pilates since the left hip(operated hip) was still very weak. Began noticing that the operated hip was stronger than the right side. After a few weeks I decided with the suggestion of my pt to stop pilates because he felt it was too hard on the operated hips anyway. So I decided to join a yoga class to help with inflexibility issues on the operated hip. After the second class I immediately had the worse back pain I have ever experienced. I could hardly walk to my car or sneeze without excruciating pain. I again decided to take off from everything. The symptoms then began in the right leg/ groin area. While sitting at my daughters recitals I began having pins and needle feeling running up and down the leg. Return to my orth who told me there was nothing he can do. After about a few months I went to see a chiropractor. Felt a little better but began losing a lot of the functional things that I use to be able to do. I attempted to do ab work and again had a return of pain in the trunk/groin and legs. I decided to go see another chiropractor who claimed that he would have me fixed in no time. I will agree while seeing him I did feel the best that I have ever felt since this ordeal began. Unfortunately I had used up all of my visits through insurance and had to stop. I again began having issues and decided to see another orthopedic doctor. He ordered mri of my hips and did not see any glaring problems. He checked for necrosis, impingements and such. He found none. He then ordered an mri of my back and we found out that I had a herniated l5 and a slight bulge at l4. He sent me to pain clinic that specialized in back issues. I received an epidoral injection of which I did not get any relief. I then had return of pain which seem to have worsen. I could not do anything in the gym. Riding the stationary bike proved to be very painful a few hours later. I then went to a pt that specialized in back pain. He gave me the mckenzy protocols which was doing extensions. It helped a little to were I was able to do very light leg presses. I took another trip with my family to Colorado where upon arrival had a return of symptoms. I was so miserable. On my return I managed my pain. Finally one day while discussing my injury with a family member she suggested that I go see her pain doctor that gave prolotheraphy injections. She described her injury and relief of pain while seeing him. So I went to him and had a series of shots at the first visit to my surprise. He gave me injections into the facet joint. I had a reduction in pain and figured out that on continuing to go I will see even more positive results. I ended up getting a total of five series. The first two was explained to me as finding out if my pain were from my facets and the last three were the actual injections. I continue to feel better and began to walk on the treadmill, eliptical machine and the stairclimber which I did at a very low speed. I still had that deep inside groin pain but figured out that since I can now exercise that I would get stronger and the pain will go away. Upon going back to the doctor for my post visit. He gave me another series. And I have not been pain free since. I also started experiencing facial flashes, insomnia and hair loss. I called his office to confirm that I was indeed receiving prolotheraphy(glucose injections) and he told me that he was using cortizone and phynol. I was horrified because my first conversation with him was that I did not want to receive any steroids at all. I am a personal trainer and have worked with clients that had a lot of problems with cortizone. He was very arrogant and condisending. Although I was able to add a few exercises into my regement I am now right back to my similar pain. I then decied to go back for pt on the back. My exercises consisted of different extension, bridges, bridges with ball between knee,side lying straight leg abduction and side lying clams. If you can believe it I was in even more pain after. So I am a little confused about why. Now I have a misalighn sacrum and a lot of tightness in the right side. My poas, hamstring,adductors It band and my buttt is so tight. It is now pulling on my knee. I have to constantly stretch those muscles just so I can stand. I do notice as the day goes by it lessen a little.
    My nature is not to give up and so I again decided to go see another chiro. His x-rays found that I last my curvature in my neck and that my sacrum is rotated. He said that my coycyx bone is twisted and pulled over to my right side. I have decided to see him for sixty visits. I have seen him three times already and have been feeling a little better. My question of the day is while I am seeing him what can I do to keep my alighnment. I know a lot of my issues with muscle imbalances and that my hip problems and back problems started after my left hip operation. My intuition says to strengthen the weak side(operated side) and stretch the tight side. But I do not know where to begin. The chiro is going to also include some traction which he said will also help.I also wanted to add that I was also wearing orthotics for a fallen arch. I developed the fallen arch after surgery for the hip. I was wearing them but took them out because I was not treating the cause. I now am very aware of my walk. I walk heel outside of feet toes and have had a lot of relief of hip and knee symptoms on the operated side since. I now realize that a lot of the residual pain I was having on my operated side was because of the arches. I am very proud that was able to notice that and fixed the problem
    I am so sorry for my long thread but I felt I had to let you know everything that built up to this chronic condition. I normally have a high tolerance for pain but I feel like I am falling apart. I am a forty one year young female and have a beautiful energethic daughter who means the world to me. I have also become more aware of my posture and gait pattern. . Now I just want to get my right side better. Please help. Sloan
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    Feb 21, 2012, 02:26 PM
    The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons has a great resource website called Ortho Info. Here is an exercise guide I think can be helpful to you:

    Hip Replacement Surgery - exercise guide

    There are several exercises on here that will not only help you with your replacement hip, but also strengthen your other side as well. Check with your Doctor to ensure the suggested exercises are appropriate for your situation.

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