I'll have to do a bit of exposition before I get to the current problem.

One time, whilst I was working in a bar, we finished our shift and began drinking (as was usual on a Saturday night/morning). Now, when I was quite tipsy, I jumped over the bar and landed on my right leg, hearing a loud 'crack' as I did so. There was no pain at this moment, just a feeling of numbness.

In the morning, there was some very slight pain but I was able to walk on the leg with no problems at all. The main problem occurred when I bent down with both legs. This caused my right leg to hurt severely. (After looking at bone diagrams the pain was eminating from the top of the fibula, more on the right-hand side of the leg, just below the knee.).

I didn't know what this pain was, and didn't bother going to get an x-ray as I could walk around and do my work no problem (I wasn't excercising at the time). Sure enough the pain eventually went away and I classed myself as fully healed. However, ever since then, I cannot sit cross-legged confortably as it feels there is pressure on my knee, on the right-side, where the tendon is.

So the first question would be - do you think I sustained a fracture? And if so, by leaving it to heal without medical help, would you think it has affected my entire knee/leg?

Now the second part is that I've been getting back into exercise recently, and have discovered that as well as my right knee (which is my dominant leg) not being as strong as the left, my right foot doesn't sit quite 'right' on the floor, the ankle is slightly off-balance making the foot learn towards the big toe side, making me effectively walk on the inside of the foot, putting pressure on the big toe.

So my second question is: Is this a cause of my neglected (possible) fracture, unbalancing my leg? Or is it just a sign of flat-footed-ness. (or is it something else? )

Any help would be greatly appriciated - and I apologise for the wall of text. :D