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    Crippling pain when lifting foot from kneeling position with plantar flexion of foot
    I dislocated my patella and tore my mcl 6 months ago. There was also damage to other tendons and ligaments. I did prescribed physiotherapy and recovered to a degree. The main pain/symptom I still have is extreme pain in my calf if I try to lift my foot with my knee planted on the ground (in a sort of lower lunge position), especially with my foot extended (plantar flexion of the ankle). It is extremely specific, isolated, and consistent. Doing this on the affected leg causes crippling pain every time, but causes no pain at all in my good leg. I am hoping someone might have the expertise to recognize this symptom that was masked by other symptoms when I was seeing a physiotherapist. I have searched the web for several hours with no luck. Thanks.

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