All right I have two pictures they look to be photos I was told they were worth money . I have tried looking them up on internet couldn't find anything on them I found the artist but not the photos they are in large frame one is by a artist named richard greeves it is a sculpture of two indians one looks like he is stading up looking over the side of a cliff wher there are what looks to be either kids or just people and the other indian is looking the other dirrection looking down but he has something over him and holding what looks to be a shield and one of the kids or people is looking at him with his hands in prayer this sculpture is vary detailed and has a story of why he made it and also has his signiture and photo of the artist I'm looking for any information on this piece of art
I also have another sculpture photo it is also in a large frame but it was mad by a different artist his name is george carlsons it also has a story why he decided to make the sculpture and also has signiture and photo of artist this sculpture photo is of two eagles flying in the sky and they are ither flying together or fighting I'm thinking fighting brcause they are going at each other with their claws they are actually grabing each other it also is vary detailed I would also appreciate any information on this photo