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    Nov 15, 2011, 02:47 PM
    Analog camera lenses for digital camera body?
    I have a 6006 Nikon with four lenses (Macro, tele, PC, and 35-89mm. I'm thinking about buying a Nikon D3100, digital camera. Can I use my Nikon 6006 lenses on the Nikon D3100 body?
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    Nov 15, 2011, 03:48 PM
    Might as well forget it as the ratio from analog to digital is about 2 to 1. So your lenses would be cut in 1/2. A zoom lens that is 200 analog would only be 100 on a digital. And if your lenses are not of the high quality kind then that makes matters worse.
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    Nov 15, 2011, 06:36 PM
    According to Widipedia, the 6006 is the same as the 601, and it takes Nikkor F-Mount lenses.

    You should read up on the F-mount lens article to learn about the possible limitations with using these lenses on a modern DSLR. In particular, you may have problems with using the lenses because the camera bodies communicate with the lenses to focus and set the aperture. You may also find that you wish you could take full advantage of your new cameras auto-focus and auto-exposure settings, rather than having to do all the settings manually. Most photographers today have found it frustrating to use old lenses with new digital bodies and prefer to sell their old kit (camera and lens) to a student or other photographer who is still playing with film, and put the sales money towards modern lenses.

    The prior answer is backwards about how the crop sensor (which is only present on SOME DSLR models) works with a zoom lens. The 1.5 crop factor sensor on the body you are considering makes your lens act more telephoto (by a factor of 1.5), not less. Your wide-angle lenses will act more like a normal focal length, normal focal length acts lime a modest zoom, zoom lenses get zoomier, e.g. a 100mm lens will have the same field of view that a 150 has on a full-frame sensor. This is great if you shoot sport or wildlife, not so great if you like to shoot landscapes with wider-angle lenses. You can avoid these changes by getting a full-frame DSLR model instead.

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    Nov 18, 2011, 08:56 AM
    Just chipping in... I haven't done any research on the Nikon Lens mounts, but you should be sure that they are the same before considering at all... There are adapters for sale that could make it work too...

    As to the crop factors... I believe that only APS-C sized sensors (Not Full Frame) have the crop factor. Smaller sensors only utilize so much of the lens which gives that telephoto look... Full Frame sensors are built to be the same size as a 35mm negative hence the name full frame... They utilize all that the lens offers on a "traditional" film camera and have no crop factor. Meaning that 100mm is 100mm...

    As to using your old lenses on the new camera (if they mount)... If you are used to using the manual settings on your 35mm camera then you shouldn't have any problem with them on the new camera. Are the aperture controls built onto the lens? If not, and it isn't the same mount then you will have trouble... If the aperture controls are on the lens then you have everything you need. Manual aperture and focusing, control the shutter in the camera body...

    Like I said, I didn't do any research towards your question. These are just my speculations based on my own experience... I shoot with a Sony and I can use my old Minolta lenses because they have the same mount. Everything works fine; aperture, focusing, and the lens and body communicate correctly for the digital tags like the focal length...

    Check the mount series on the 35mm camera, and check which lens series mounts on the dSLR... :) Happy shooting. :)

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