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    May 3, 2012, 09:18 AM
    Riddle help needed
    I am a verb. If you use the verb, you create nothing
    But if you use it it is usually to take in a certain noun.
    The noun can have many adjectives.
    One of the adjectives relates to the noun, which relates to the verb..
    But it also relates to the verb it self oddly enough... how you ask?
    If you rearrange the letters in the verb, it yields the adjective..
    What is the verb and what is the adjective?

    Hint: The word is English. It is 6 letters. If you rearrange the 6 letters in the verb, it creates the adjective which would be 6 letters since you REARRANGE THE LETTERS.
    Currently 1 player has it right.

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