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    Aug 11, 2012, 07:37 AM
    Can I use the entitlement of Moral Philosopher?
    Good day fellows!
    I am engaged in moral philosophy and studies it as an autodidact introduced to me as my university undergrad. Minor, for quite some time and fortunately and successfully I have recently made and submitted a paperwork concerning my view of meta- ethics, and normative ethics, the problem is how I would represent myself to the society of scholars, can entitle myself, because of the thought I am engage unto, a moral philosopher? I would not like to use that tile just for the sake of having one, but simply because it is both an acknowledgement of me for myself and those who would read my work for it would come to the point that if do not represent myself as such there is none to listen to my thoughts for certainly you would not go to a doctor who does not recognize himself as such however with the responses of those I have discussed with before, I always get broke by their statements that there is no such thing such as an independent scholar It seems that even my own recognition for this passion is useless and means nothing but simply a title and with that it appears to me that my knowledge of this field is not counted because of this view. So again, I am to seek your advises whether I can use this title to represent myself and as well have my argument be viewed and evaluated not dismissed, if you would hear somebody with such title.So please post your helpful replies about what you think of my question! I know that some of these days I am to use what I have asked in this forum. Thank you very much for you help in answering my predicament.
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    Aug 11, 2012, 08:35 AM
    One may of course use that title but then again what is your moral value world view and philosophy on use of titles for one's self, Would it be accepted within your moral code to use such a title. Within mine any use of title for oneself would be wrong, so even in my class while I have had titles of Grand Master and Soke given me by groups awarding such, I merely call myself instructor and allow others to invoke the use of titles.

    Often in the world of Moral philosopher not until your view point is more wide read and either accepted or used to challenge another view point in a wider worldview will others view you as worthy. Since of course all of us have view points, you have merely put yours into writing.

    Some of the greater moral philosophers may have only did their beleifs orally and others wrote about them latter. Still more well know have taken anothers view point and further described it to gain such honors.

    So do you look for the honor for the sake of honor. If so, how does that fit to your moral prospective. If you look more to noting a place in history will not time itself speak those truths. If indeed your moral prospective even believes or accepts there are set truths. Since many worldviews only accept this life as an illusion and there are no real truths.

    Perhaps better yet, send, ask and have your paper read by others in the field at various levels and allow them to give you a opinion of the paper. In those perhaps will be a combination of honors that may be claimed.

    In life would have Buddha or Christ, or others claimed any glory for their achievements or would they have always played the humble path and allowed others to give the praise..

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