Please help me identify insect. We were thinking it was a bird mite, but looking at the pictures, the characteristics of my insect doesn't match totally with a bird mite. It is white in coloring, has pinchers, legs and almost transparent wings. It lands and bites, it also leaves a red spot on your skin. We saw one in our truck that was trying to bury itself in the carpet. It is more active at night. It is very strange that I am the only one in the household that is being bitten at the moment, but am very concerned that my wife and 7 yr old daughter will be bitten soon. The reason that I thought it could be a bird mite is that upon cleaning an old building we found quite a few bird nest in the attic. I also saw little white droppings in the building as I am seeing at home. I have been to two doctors and with no luck of identifying what insect is causing this problem. No treatment has been effective yet. PLEASE HELP!