I have tiny bugs in my kitchen cupboards, which move onto my worktops. I only discovered them by leaving a pile of papers on the worktop which they seem to be drawn to. It is hard to describe them as they are too small to get a description (between 1 and 2.5mm in lenth). I think they are brown. I originally thought they were black but they could be brownish. They don't fly.

I cleaned out all of my cupboards. It seems they had found there way into a unopened packed of spagetti and pasta too.

I have thrown away almost all of the contents of my cupboards and will buy containers to store products in future, however they still seem to be crawling around. I've even found them in pill packets (they seem to like paper/cardboard).

Do I need to look for a nest or something similar. I've only had the problem for a couple of months, it seems to be worse not better. I'm at a loss what to do, please advise!