I bought a house last June and ever since I've been attacked by a tiny flying bug that I can only see in water and then it just looks like dust or dandruff. At first I thought they were the "no see ums" because they feel just like them. The bite is awful and painful but I don't have any bumps or sores. I've bombed my house 3 times but they just kept coming back! They get in my eyes, nose, ears, hair and pubic hair. I've done everything to try and get rid of them but they just won't go away!! It's literally driving me crazy to the point where I left my home and stayed with a friend. I didn't bring them to my friend's house but later had to rent a room. Now they are here too; I brought them with me in my TV. I've also seen tiny dark bugs that look like little dots or mites. I've search the net for months and can't find out what they are but they crawl all over me constantly! I can't sleep and the only way I can get some relief is to use medicated powder or by spraying diluted alcohol on myself, but they keep crawling and biting. They get into my clothes and I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY LONGER! Can someone please help me? I'm slowly going insane! They're not lice or scabies or delusional. PLEASE HELP ME!