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    Sep 23, 2014, 09:20 PM
    Strange insects and parasites
    Have you been to the doctors complaining that something is biting you? Are you being kept awak at night with biting, stinging sensations (on your scalp perhaps?). Do you see tiny tiny white insects coming out of your head? No, you're NOT delusional (despite what uninformed stupid doctors say). It's called Morgellons. It is a combination of several things at once. There are thread worms (stongroloids) that float in the air. The females are blue. There are at the same time, tiny tiny (nearly microscopic) flies (fruit fly variety) no seeums but tinier than the norm. They are both reproducing in you by the billions ! That's right you're NOT crazy. Thousands and thousands of people have this going on and most are being told delusional (but uninformed stupid medical people who did no testing). You must demand a bioposy be done (of your scalp). It will likely come back as "discoid lupus" (which really means your body is trying to rid itself of parasites), but the doctor may say something stupid like "it's from chronic sun exposure, and it just happens sometimes". NO. They are all so very stupid. It's unbelievable. Morgellons is also a strange unknown organism that resembles fibers. I took photos under a microscope and it unfolded before my eyes into a clear mass of fibers. Perhaps a defense mechanism. I took 30 days of doxy antibiotic (told doctor had all the symptoms of lyme disease--which I did) and the fiber creature went away. The fly can be treated with ivermectin (but the prescribed one or two days is not enough). Still it won't go. The threadworms are impossible to get rid of. One year so far and still fighting. Some friends online 7 to 10 years trying on their own to get them out of their bodies. But they are an infestation of your home and car so keeps re-infesting. I don't know how to make it stop? There are billions of them. It is important to keep your head covered all the time (they are both coming out of your scalp and floating in the air providing a new crop going into your scalp). Wash loads of clothes 2 o 3 times and wipe the dryer out in between each load then bag the clothing in airtight bags. Vacuum and clean like crazy. But you will never beat them. The microscopic flies and the threadworms that infest you. Try a lint roller instead of putting harsh stuff on yourself. But HOW can I ever get them out of my home? They are in the ventilation system and EVERYWHERE. What kills them in the vents?
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    Sep 23, 2014, 09:50 PM
    I don't believe it either. I think you have a skin condition.

    Morgellons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I have very very sensitive skin, especially my scalp, but all over too. I am often tempted to think there's a mite like scabies. But there isn't. I did have a scalp condition for years that caused little bumps that oozed and itched horribly, and I noticed that on the few occasions when I had to take an antibiotic for something else, it went away, but later came back. I have since cured it instantly with antibacterial hand soap instead of shampoo.

    I don't know if you need psychiatric help or a good dermatologist. I had gone to one in the 70s who was useless.

    So you have a microscope? Fibers? Of course you saw fibers! They are everywhere.
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    Sep 24, 2014, 05:53 AM
    Let's count the symptoms.
    1. Itching/skin irritation.
    2. Fibers growing on/in the skin
    3. Floating/flying microscopic motes of some type.
    4. Systemic treatment of the body produces minimal temporary results.

    Perhaps you are asking the wrong question by attributing this to an animal cause. It sounds very similar to the life cycle of a fungus.

    You might wish to take some of your samples to a Mycologist at your local University.

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