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    Nov 10, 2006, 01:01 AM
    Snake in roof of house
    Hi all,

    How do you get a snake out of the roof? The snake only appeared this week but it has already killed two of our wild lorikeets. My family home is a two-storey with verandahs so the snake has a lot of places to hide. We are desperate to be rid of it.

    Any suggestions will be very appreciated.
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    Nov 10, 2006, 02:06 AM
    Hi Eniala,
    Assuming that your house does not have an attic, or any other easy access -- if you know for sure it is in there, the easiest way to drive it out might be to make the space climatically uncomfortable. Any kind of colling unit you could use to vent cool air into the spaces, even spraying with a CO2 fire extinguisher might be worth a try. Not being able to regulate it's body temperature internally, it would eventually be forced to leave in order to warm up somewhere. Though it would have to be immediately caught and relocated, otherwise it will most likely return.
    Another possible thing to try, depending on the species and size, is to put some eggs in some sort of drop door trap, assuming you can set it somewhere in proximity to, or possibly even on, the roof. Though many prefer live prey, even many larger species will eat bird eggs.
    Hope this is of some help. Take care.
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    Jan 3, 2007, 06:10 PM
    There's an old saying that snakes cannot stand moth balls; maybe toss a few boxes of these will help it leave.
    Also, there is a product called a "snake-board", or "rat-boards" which is just like 'glue-boards' that are you use to catch common house mice with, only larger in size.
    If you use the glue boards, make sure to place them in a "known path" that the snake travels, if possible.
    I don't know if a snake's digestive system is like a mouse/rat; they have no bladder, thus, they 'pottey-on-the-fly', in a matter of speaking.
    Plus, that also leaves a scent trail for others to follow.
    Of course, if you use the glue boards/traps, you will have to check ever-so-often, and it will be alive, so someone will have to remove it and release-or-whatever...
    Hope this helps...
    Ps; if it were in MY attic, I would just simply have to move... my wife is terrified of ANY kind of snake...
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    Feb 7, 2007, 05:30 PM
    Have you seen the sanke and if so have you determined if it is of the poisonous variety? If so you may want to call in a pro before someone gets hurt. If you know it is not poisonous we have hand caught them and got rid of them. Usually you can figure out where they live by looking for active signs such as shed skin. This will usually allow you to track them to a point. Look for darker areas and under insulation. Usually you can see a hole they use going in and out of the sleep spot. You can also use a bug bomb in a closed area to move them out but you have to go up there where they are. THe bug bomb is tough to breathe and they will usually move out. Make sure you use enough per sq ft per directions..

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