The small white things are literally biting me everywhere on my body. I thought they were bedbugs and called in an exterminator to come in and spray. The exterminator came out and called me saying my home had no bedbugs and no other bugs or pests that could be identified. I relaxed for the day, until I came home. I noticed them about a month ago in October. I live high in the Rocky Mountains, at about 8,400 feet. I've tried catching these things, but, when I seem to see one or many, they flatten, they appear on my clothes and pretty much everywhere in my home, except in or around water. I seem to be able to identify them seeing what look like super small shiny spots, soon thereafter, I feel them biting me. These "white things" look almost like flakes of skin, they seem to start on me as soon as I come in the door. I do not feel them when outside of my house. I've tried everything I know to do to eradicate these things, alcohol spray, flea spray, bleaching nearly every surface, all to no avail. I feel them the worst at night which caused me to believe they were bedbugs, but, no bedbugs were found by the exterminator. Their bites are very painful at times, and just a minor nuisance at others. Please help me in getting rid of these things. I feel them on my face, in my eyebrows, my nose, my underarms and lately in my ears.