A few weeks ago, I noticed what I used to call 'wall bugs' in our kitchen. Since they seemed to be more prolific than I was used to, I began to investigate. I found about 30 under the stove and a few more under the dishwasher. Vaccuumed and bleached areas, vaccuumed all cabinets and inspected and bagged food stuffs, although I found none in food. We found a couple on the bathroom floors, and some in the closet floors along the carpet edges. I am so freaked out... then found a couple in my drawers, especially in an angora sweater. They are very small, move slowly and almost look like a flea, yet resemble pictures I have seen of dermisid larvae or carpet beetle larvae. We also see occasional indian meal moths (but very few this year). I am a clean freak and feel like the biggest pig... they seem to like to hang out in dust too. I clean and launder clothing constantly. What are they and what do I do now. The clothes thing has me really spooked, since I own some very expensive clothing, but take good care of it. Help please, before I have to sell my house in this rotten market!!