My husband and I have been through a very disgusting weekend-All of the sudden we began to see roaches appearing everyday!
Starting on Sunday I saw a roach inside my closet(it was pretty huge too).. I have to admit, I haven't cleaned my closet for quite a while but I don't understand why one has to appear in their-arent they suppose to appear in the kitchen or anywhere theirs food involve? Anyway, we eventually killed that roach with RAID and that same night we decided to clean a little the closet-take out some old cloths and stuff.. We also saw a few of those dust bugs that are sort of clear with a lot of legs(disgusting) Anyway, on Monday we saw another huge roach in front of the closet.. it was upside down and still very well alive.. We also sprayed that roach with Raid.. Today in the morning my cat found another huge roach but this time it was in the shower when I sprayed it it was heading towards were the water goes in.. My question is why all of the sudden there is a lot of huge roaches appearing? Were can they be coming from closet or bathroom? The sucky part is that our bed is right in the middle of the closet and bathroom-one of these huge bugs can get on top of us while sleeping.. eewww!! Iam very paranoid when it comes to roaches (especially huge ones) my husband is also kind of afraid of them as well-the only one that isn't like that is our cat:D
Anyway, is it their season? Why are they appearing daily? And what can I do?