Hi all and hopefully someone will be able to help me out here.
A little while ago I came to the conclusion that there was something living under my mini home (above the insulation). I replaced a lot of insulation and thought that whatever it was was gone and maybe had been for awhile due to the droppings looking old. GROSS GROSS... Anyways... few nights ago I heard scratching ar chewing under the floor in my kitchen... after traps were set the next day... a rat!! I reset the trap... another rat!!
I've been told if you have 1 rat you probably have 10. So my question is... What can I do?? I have two sheds witch I know they are in as well and I know there under the mini-home too. I have set trap and also put mothballs and poison in the shed. I saw there is a contraption I can buy that sets off a loud pitch noise that will deter any rats from coming around... does this work??
Please help me out very frustrating thanks