Have had several pest control companies come out to have a look but none have helped fixed the problem they just empty my purse.

I have loud banging coming from the roof it almost sounds like what ever it is is jumping on pipes at times, I know its definitely not a plumbing issue because I hear it all day and night even when water is not in use.

The pest control companys have each put their own rat bait up there, I've had a possum cage and still nothing and now I have a glue tray up there and still nothing but loud banging that keeps me up at night and wakes me in the morning I've been a walking zombie since I bought and moved into this place Last November and it seems no one can help because they don't know what it is, they say if it was a rat it would have eaten the bait by now and died, and its definitely not drumming pipes.

Please help I need some beauty sleep