We have little black dots all over our house and they are like biting us and itching they are not fleas and in our dogs water dish we find a clear like mucuse no matter how often we change the water,had the dog checked out and she has no fleas or any thing like that but it looks like her skin is drying out and so we are getting bit up,we have only lived here for 3 months and the place was empty for a year before we moved in. we found a small water leak in the wall behind the sink which has gotten bad since we moved in ,could this be some kind of mold problem,that since the place was vacant for such a long time that the moldhas grown in size and now that we have moved in and are using the heat it is spreading through out the house.we can find no legs on the dots so I am thinking that it is spreading through out ,through the air because we use the heat ,our heaters blow up not down so the particles is getting on everything. Please can any one tell us if they have had the same problem