I live in a 2 story house and this started about a week ago when myself and my roommate were starting to experience intense itching at night, we have no animals here at the house. A couple of days later I tried my hardest to inspect my bed which has light colored sheets. I saw nothing! Then I called some companies and they all suggested its bed bugs. Terminix came out and inspected my bed and the guys said it is not bed bugs since there were not blood marks in any of my sheets or clothes. The rest of the week I still experienced intense itching at night which has been leaving red bumps on my skin. Even when I sit at my computer (at night), I get bit but when I try to see what has bitten me I see, nothing! To this day I still see nothing whenever I try to inspect. Mostly happens underneath my clothes. All this biting also seems to occur more at night. Its now slowly spreading to other rooms in the house. If anyone has any suggestions on which products I can use to get rid of this invisible insect I would appreciate it.